Purchase and Customize Pre-Built Modules

I am looking to possibly purchase some pre-built Storyline modules. We are looking into launching a workplace bullying online course as well as a course on how we speak to our customers and I wondered if there was anyone out there who has a course similar already built that we might be able to look into purchasing and customizing. We want them to be interactions where you can earn pieces that build to a reward and that has branching scenarios.


We are new to e-learning design so starting from scratch seems overwhelming. Any tips or leads would be great!




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Bruce Holliday

I think you are looking for elearning that explores Equality & Diversity in the workplace. Bullying is just on facet of unacceptable behaviour. I have some material that you could use to get off the ground but it is currently designed for our workforce and would need to be reclothed to some extent. Let me know if you would like to see what we have done so far. It is work in progress.


Bruce Holliday

Hello Kate,

Apologies for the delay. Google have changed the way they allow web hosting
so it took a little bit longer to sort.

This is my take on a journey through an institution. Its only part built up
to section 3 but will give you some inspiration on how you could re-purpose


andrew  armstrong

Hi Bruce, I am also looking into something very similar and tried your link above but was unable to open it.  Has it possibly change? and if so are you in aposition to provide a new one?  Many thanks Andy.