Purging Slide Masters

Nov 06, 2018

Hi Everyone,

When importing content from multiple sources, including other Storyline projects, often multiple slide masters result in the .story file, and with my large courses, 10 or more slide masters, some of which are duplicates.

After all the slides have been assigned the correct layouts, does it matter whether or not you leave all those extra and duplicate slide masters?  Or is it better to clean up and make sure all slides use only one master, and why?

Thank you,


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John Blum

Yes, I do that, Matthew.  The extra slide masters that are in use I insert a big rectangle on, covering the entire slide, and a different color for each master, then I can quickly identify in Story View and Slide View which slides are using the extra masters and switch the layouts to the correct master, because the colored rectangles become the background.

For those slides that have objects that cover the entire slide, clicking the Show/Hide All button or the Apply Layout dropdown shows which slide master the layout is coming from.

A while back I submitted a new feature request to have an option which generates a report which lists all slides and which layout the are using.

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