Push navigation/custom navigation selection

Hi all,

I seem to recall seeing a push or fly-in/fly-out effect for user navigation/selection.  I've tried searching for the how-two six ways from Sunday, but must not be using the right terminology to dig it up.  I believe one person did a wardrobe or product showcase using this method, but I've only  been able to find this one, which is close:  https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/e-challenges/%2384/story.html .  Does anyone know where the tutorial for this type of interaction is hiding?  I'd like users to be able to click next/back and select from a variety of technological instruments which causes a conveyor-belt type animation of instruments which moves forward-back.  Selecting one will then launch them into further detail about that product.  Your help is, as always, appreciated.

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