Push Transition No Longer Matches Up

Apr 24, 2019

Push Transition APR19

Today I have noticed in all of my 360 projects which use the push transition that the slides no longer sync up during the animation.

In 360 full-screen preview the gap isn't clearly visible (sometimes it looks like the slides actually slightly overlap each other during the transition) but it is most noticeable when the project is opened in the browser, or when being viewed on a tablet or mobile device or in mobile preview as shown above.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Rush,

Thanks for reaching out! Just to confirm your question:

Is the lack of a Push transition on a slide layer intentional, or a bug?

There are a couple of transitions that are specifically on the base layer, but not on slide layers: Push and Uncover. So this is not a bug but built by design. You can read more about that in the user guide below:

Hope this helps!

instructional design

A possible work around. I have had to move away from transitions as there is no control over them, similarly with the in/out animations. I find it easier- though more time consuming, to use motion paths for everything now, that way I have control over 'speed', as Articulate has for some reason set different fixed 'speed' settings for transitions compared to in/out animations.

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