Put anything into the hands or blank boards of charcters

Ok so I have Tyron holding his blank board and pointing at it

I have a book I want to place where the blank board is, so it looks as if he is holding it, with his hand over the front of the book

There is no obvious way to do this, a google search produces nothing.

Surely this simple feature is available, I mean he's holding a blank board. It looks as if it can be done ie Tyrons left arm has a shadow and all

any help welcome

Cheers sean


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Thanks Shannon

So this is an example of the picture. it has no separate elements to alter. the only way I see editing a "book" or a "television screen" or whatever artistic thing that needs doing, into Anton hands here is will Illustrator. A very time intensive process

It seems weird that we've been provided a character with a blank board, but to place anything on it (other than manipulating text) will obscure his arms and hands.

Solution: the board needs to be transparent

Why: anything can be placed in these characters hands without obstructing their hands





Shannon McGinnis

Oh I see that. I hadn't looked at the character and pose. :( Yes--it seems like that would be difficult. Maybe there's a way to remove the board? In SnagIt you could erase it and maybe a freeform crop/remove in PPT but it wouldn't be fast or clean. Hopefully someone else will have an idea for how to do this simply!

Gerry Wasiluk

You can even do this in something like PowerPoint.

I did this for a recent video I created in Vyond.

Part of the image in the Vyond video (and the image in the phone was an actual video playing).

The "pieces" I edited in PowerPoint.  The phone and hand were from ElearningArt.  I combined then in PowerPoint after duplicating the hand and then shaped down the thumb in the copy, adding a little bit of soft edge to that cut-out thumb, and then adding it over the phone and hand. 



So this is what we ended up doing

Export Anton image into illustrator, made board (in his hands) transparent, inserted image to replace board. Nothing too taxing.

My main issue is that the producers of this software have provided characters that hold "something", but that something is limited to a text box. There is no interactivity functions

Thank you all