Putting a Character In A Mirror

Just curious how you folks might handle this .  ..

For a course I have a character looking at himself in the mirror and asking himself  a question, and the mirror image answering himself. 

The mirror image uses a reverse image of one of Storyline characters.  Since we don't have images of the characters from the back, I just created a silhouette for the character looking at himself.

Question:  What would you do to the mirrored image to reinforce the mirror effect? 

So far, I omitted having mirrored objects benind the character to keep things simple and less cluttered.  I put a gray rectangle over the mirror image and added 70% transparency to dull the reflected image a bit.

Not sure that is the best or not.  Any other options?  Add a hint of reflected lights?  Or just leave things simple?

Here is a version that I've been playing with . . .

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G Dian

I'm reminded of the Manet painting, Le Bar aux Folies-Bergère and think, as you say, that keeping it simple is really crucial.  I think your image above works really well as it is, and most things you might add would not further demonstrate that what is being seen is a reflection .... unless you used words.  So you could, for example, think of placing some kind of small (and subtle rather than in your face) sign / poster or other artefact on the wall 'behind' the mirrored image of the character so that the words are, so to speak,  'reflected'.  The words small and subtle are significant here, because if it's anything else, I don't think it would add anything and would probably distract!