Putting a quiz and a survey in an e-learning, and having both results sent to LMS - Storyline 2

Feb 09, 2017


I've created a knowledge check type e-learning/quiz, where I have used one results slide for all questions I have made. After the results slide, the learner then goes to a survey to evaluate their knowledge and give feedback, with a survey results slide afterwards.

My question is, is it possible for an LMS to collect both the quiz results and the survey results?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Lizzie!

This article describes the data that is communicated to the LMS by Storyline, but it'll be up to your LMS to report that data to you. You'll want to check with your LMS team to see what options you have for reporting out on the behavior. It sounds like you've already included a results slide for the graded questions and the survey questions, and also a master results slide to track both of them, so you're go to go there.

If you find that the data is not reported back to you in the way you'd like, you can also test it in SCORM Cloud for a comparison. You can review the directions here to help you go through that testing. 

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