Putting a trigger on a roll-over button in a .swf file

I created a .swf file in Flash for an animated button, then put that on my Articulate master slide. When I play the project, the Roll_over and Roll_out animation works perfectly. Then I went back to the master and put a trigger on the .swf button so the user can use the button to navigate to a different slide. My problem is that when I add the trigger to the .swf button, the trigger does not work. Any work-arounds/ideas?  The Trigger works outside of the button (on the stage area in Flash), but not on the button like I want it to.



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Wally Larsen


Thanks for your quick response!

I've attached a sample .story file. Here's what I did:

  • Created a master slide that has the grey button on it -- the button is a swf; mouse-over and mouse-out causes a small animation.
  • On the master slide, I selected the swf file (button) and set a trigger for it to go to the next slide when the user clicks.

When I run the preview, the animation on the button works just fine and the cursor shows a hand. But when I click the button to initiate the trigger, it doesn't work.

I probably made a simple mistake.

Thanks for any advice you can offer!


Michael Hinze

Sorry, I'm not a 'Flash guy' and just know the basics. I had a quick look at your .fla file and noticed you don't remove the eventhandlers, but I don't know if that would make a difference. I just thought that the problem had to be your Flash animation because the .swfs that I imported worked fine.