Putting hotspots/data entry on content in Scrolling Panes

Hello community!

I'm trying to create a software simulation in Storyline from a series of screenshots (using the software simulation function isn't possible in this instance since I'm working from mock-ups instead of an actual program). The software's pages are rather long, so I have each page in a scrolling pane. The trouble is, I want users to be able to click on and enter text on the screenshots using Data Entry and Hotspots, but I can't figure out how to put these interactive elements into the scrolling pane so that they move with the screenshot.

Any ideas?


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Dennis Hall

Hi Whitney:

Here is your solution...

In the attached story, I have added the objects onto the image of eth webpage and grouped them.

I then dragged the group into the scrollpane.

If you also click the hotspot (add to favorites) in the story, you will see I show a layer with the results.

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Best Regards,

Dennis Hall