putting the course on a weebly site?

Hi there, 

I am very NOT techie....I have created a course in Storyline, now I don't know how to put it on my site?  I actually want the first one to be hidden, and weebly will just host it, as I will then send a link to new subscribers to my blog.  So.....Do I upload the whole course onto a weebly page as a file?  And then how do I get the clients to the operational course?

Many thanks!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Carolyn, 

Again, I don't have any experience with Weebly, but for a Storyline course, you'll want to link to the story.html file for users to be able to launch the content.

If you're not able to FTP to Weebly, it looks like a user in this older thread was able to create a "button" on his Weebly page and then include a link on the button to his Articulate content. 

Hope that helps...