quality of inserted video

Hi everyone!

I inserted a video into a Storyline project that was made with help of Windows Live Movie Maker  ( .wmv). In the Preview mode its quality is good. However, when the project is published, the quality of video is really bad. Can anyone recommend how I can go about this situation? 

I am a freshmam with Storyline, so your help will be appreciated a lot! 

Thanks,  Maxim.

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Brian Allen

That would be my guess, is that it happens in the conversion process. 

I have found that Storyline will even convert a video that is already in .mp4 (H.264) format.  I had inserted a high quality video and even at the quality setting set to 9 Storyline converted the video to about 20% of the original file size.  Which is great if file size is what you're going for, but sometimes quality is more important than file size.