Quality of screen recording

May 08, 2018


I know there are some threads here about the topic mentioned in the title (quality of screen recording), but I was unable to find an answer to my question in the discussions, that I could find.

I did a screen recording of of a software that is relatively complex and has a lot of small buttons (made by SAP, so some of you might have an idea).

In the resulting course I used these recordings as video content on some slides and the same recordings as "Test mode steps" for the learners to try what they have seen.

The video quality of the slides with a single video on the slide is blurry.

The "Test mode steps" slides are crisp and sharp, but made from the same recording.

I would really like the video slides to have a comparable quality to the test slides, but was unable to find any kind of setting to do this.

(I am using Storyline 3 and already have set the video quality in the publishing dialog to the max.)

Is there one?

Here are the codec and resolution infos about both, as displayed by VLC-player:

resolution on test slideresolution on video slide

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