Question about an ungraded drag-and-drop activity

Jul 02, 2012

Question:  Is there a way to make an item draggable without having an action associated with the drag/drop?

Context: I'm creating a drag and drop activity from scratch (not using the question wizard).  On the slide, the student is arranging his/her priorities in order.  Because it is based on student preference, there is no right or wrong answer.  As such, I don't need a typical drag/drop action, such as changing a state or displaying a layer with feedback.  I just want the student to be able to drag a text box to one of three "buckets" and leave it there without anything happening.

Current solution:  Right now, I am using an unnecessary action to get the "draggability" of the text box.  The action is to change the state of the text box to normal (it is already normal, so nothing changes) when the item is dropped on one fo the three buckets. 

Any other ways to make the item draggable without setting up the unnecessary action? 



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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Diane - you can do this by creating your drag and drop items on the slide and then converting to the slide to a freeform drag and drop activity.

Edit the drag and drop settings and list all your drag items and drop items and  make sure the option to only allow one item in each drop area is selected.

Also make sure you hide the submit button in the slide properties.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Diane Elkins

Thanks, Nancy, that works!  I hadn't thought about setting it up as a question with "faked" correct pairings and then just not letting the student submitting for an answer.  I do need to allow more than one item per drop target, but that worked fine in the question wizard as well.

I'm curious, might there be a way to do it outside of the question wizard?

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