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Rachel Barnum

How are the Storyline files set up currently? 

Open Navigation:

If you have the menu on the left, and leave navigation open, then they should be able to do this at any time, regardless if they've taken the course or not. E.g. it's a nonissue. 

Restricted navigation:

If the navigation is restricted, then as the learner goes through each slide, the menu navigation will open.

Then you can make "on restart" to always resume: 

Under the player "Other" settings, you can have on restart to "Always resume." This will leave the learner wherever they dropped off at last. Assuming they completed the module, that means that they will be on the last slide. They can then move where ever they want to within the module using the menu navigation.

You could word the final slide in such a way to reflect this as well. E.g. "You have completed this module. Use the navigation on the left to review any contents of the course."

If you have custom navigation that doesn't open until they've reached it, this should still work.

By default, it asks them if they want to restart - a lot of people will probably automatically click yes, so this forces them to not restart the course.

If they clear their cache however, then this will no longer work.


What about a job aid that you can attach to the resources of the course that reviews each topic? Or a link to a page within the intranet? Etc. - I imagine people would be more inclined to use that than have to click through the course. 




Rachel Barnum

Okay cool - that Locked Navigation option should work then for you - although I failed and I should have said "Restricted Navigation" - not locked. I'll edit my comment above to reflect that too. 

Restricted navigation will have each menu item locked down until they've passed through it, then they can freely go back to anything within the menu that they've already visited but not skip ahead.