Question about Menu Reset

Feb 24, 2021

Hi everyone.  

Does anyone know a work around for the following situation without building a custom menu?

I have a large course that consists of 11 sections but they were not built in consecutive order.  Hence the section numbering is not consecutive.  An example is the initial section is called Introduction and then when that section is complete it goes to the next section which is section 4 in the order it was created.  The final section called Wrap-Up is actually section 2 in the order it was created.  Now, when I finished building my course and need to rebuild the menu by pressing the "Reset from Story" button in the menu configuration, the menu rebuilds the menu based on the section numbers and not how the story view is actually built.  I'd hate to have to create all new sections and move all my slides just to build consecutive numbered sections.  I moved everything in the correct order but i'd hate to have to do that all the time.

Thanks for any input.


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