Question about Mike's - How to create and track a question inventory

Looking at Mike's tutorial here I have completed a personality quiz. The problem I have is the results slide. I only want to display the highest number style and not all 4, this way I can display the one style with some feedback associated with it.

I assume I would add layers for each of the styles to show feedback, but the problem is the variable and what condition to use to just show the highest style that was clicked

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mr. Y.

I created an instructional video a while back on creating a rating assessment survey. I didn't use the same method as Mike - instead I used a Pick One quiz. And I DID use layers on a results slide to pull out the "highest number style. It doesn't look like Mike used an actual Results slide here, but I think you'll be able to apply the concepts.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Tx for attaching. You're right, it's a completely different setup because in this case participants can choose more than one option on each slide. And I'm afraid I don't have an answer ;(. It seems like mathematically there could be a way, since you have 5 possible choices and 7 questions. Although, you have variations within, since on some slides a choice is applied two times (e.g., SL 1.2), and in several cases more than one description is applied to one choice.

Given all the potential combinations, the math is beyond me. But I wanted to reply ASAP, because I know there are others in the community for whom the math would be easy peasy ;)

Jonathan Yaseen

Thanks for pointing that out as the user should only respond to 1 answer for each question. Some Q's have 2 responses we need to take into account so that's why I ads a point to 2 of the responses. Yes I think we are both in the same boat when the maths comes to light. Thanks for looking though. Hopefully someone will be able to assist