Question about notes in Storyline 360

So, I think this might be more of a curiosity question vs. an issue question, but when a slide is deleted in Storyline 360, are the notes from that slide automatically moved to the previous slide? I deleted slides and I thought I was going to have to retype a bunch of slide notes for a VO artist to use as a script, but when I checked the slides notes of the slide still there, I noticed all the notes from the other slides I deleted. If this is the case, this have saved me about one hour of work so I just want to confirm. Hopefully this will help other users too. Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jacob,

Notes technically shouldn't transfer to a previous slide when a slide is deleted, so I'm curious how that happened in your file. In any case, I'm happy to hear you don't have to spend time retyping slide notes! 

Have you done a quick test in a new file to see if you can recreate the behavior?