Question about publishing for the web

Hi there,

So far all of my projects have been published in our LMS, but I've had a couple requests to post to a server and set up a link. These are presentations and not scored courses.

The knowledgebase article on Publishing to the Web includes this:

"Email: This opens up a new email message with a zipped file of your published output attached. This might be helpful if you need to share your course with an SME or other reviewers, or if you need to send it to someone who will place it in the location from which it'll be deployed. If your audience is larger than just a few, though, it's usually better to move your files to a web server instead, and send your audience the link to player.html (the file which launches your course). This way, you're less likely to logjam your email system with attachments, your recipients won't need to fuss with saving and unzipping your file, and you won't have to resend revised files to a slew of people every time you update the course."

My very basic questions due to lack of experience: Is just the zip file placed on a webserver and then the links point to I assume the story.html file (not player.html as noted above)? So I'd just forward the zip file to our IT folks and tell them the link needs to be to story.html?

Thanks for the help. Cheryl


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