Question about randomizing question banks

Jul 05, 2018

Hi all, here is what I am trying to do.


I have 100 questions, made up of 10 question banks with 10 questions per bank.

The client would like to have questions randomized, but also, the question banks memorized.

So, the user wouldn't get all the questions from bank 1 randomized, but they could get question from bank 7, then 9 then 4.

We are also hoping, that their LMS, will allow us to see which questions were missed, and from which topic.

Any thoughts on how to build this in Storyline 3?



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Don Anthony,

You can certainly have random question draws within your question banks within Storyline 3.

Randomizing the actual question banks is not an available setting, but you certainly could create a master question bank to randomly draw from all questions.

As for the LMS reporting, Storyline will send the student response along with the result as you can see here, but it is up to the LMS in how they will report this data.

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