Question about Results Slides Advancing

We have a Drag and Drop activity, after which we show a layer and then the Results Slide. The Results Slide is just graphical and does not show any results (because we don't need to show the results.)

Everything I can think of is set to advance By User but that Results Slide advances to the next slide automatically in spite of all the settings to the contrary.

Has anyone experienced this type of thing?

Any ideas about how to get the Results Slide to advance By User like it's supposed to?

Would appreciate your thoughts as my client would like this fixed!

Thank you!


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ellen,

You'll want to check the trigger panel and the individual slide properties - as if you've set a trigger to advance when the user clicks, but left the slide properties to advance automatically that'll jump to the next slide when the timeline ends regardless of the trigger. The trigger would allow you to continue before the timeline ended.