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I have 9 "markers" and 2 linked objects on one screen. All of them need to be viewed by the learner.

I have the base layer and a "Warning" layer. I would like this warning displays every time the user attempts to click the Next button before they have viewed all 11 objects.

Then the Next button becomes active. 

Is there a tutorial or step by step for this?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi LaVon 

In some cases it would be possible with states, but if you're going to other slides you may need to use variables.

Do the two linked objects take the user to another slide? Might be easier for someone to offer some help if you can share the .story file and we can see your setup. 


Walt Hamilton

Here's a sample that does that. Use the restricted or mixed state for a model. The restricted state forces the user to view the objects in order, the mixed state allows them to view them in any order, but will not allow them to advance until they have seen them all. You may need to modify it like this:

1. It uses a custom button to advance to the end, but you can modify the triggers to refer to the built-in button if you are using it.

2. You can change the triggers to jump to another slide, instead of end.

3. Where this End button is set to Hidden/Normal, you can set yours to Disabled/Normal. This trigger makes the end button visible. You can use it to change the state to Normal.


4. Duplicate the trigger in #3, and change it to show the Warning layer if the variables are Not Equal to true.

I generally create my Warning layer to have a timeline of 2 or 3 seconds, and close when its timeline ends. I set the object(s) on it to have an exit animation of fade. That way, the message shows long enough to be read, then fades away.


Edit: Oops, now I see that you figured it out while I was posting.


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