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May 21, 2013

I've created a game show-style course, so the majority of my slides are quiz questions. I've set them all to allow for multiple tries. This works great *except* for multiple choice questions where I've specified "feedback by choice" (so specific feedback based on the answer selected -- not merely generic incorrect feedback). In these cases, if you answer incorrectly you get the incorrect feedback layer instead of a Try Again layer. In fact, there isn't a Try Again layer that gets auto generated. Is this just a quirk of using the "feedback by choice" function? I need to provide a consistent user experience and this is messing with that. :0

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Laura,

I believe that's the design for Multiple Choice questions, with the "By Choice" feedback option selected.

I'm assuming that you're allowing multiple attempts, correct? What you could do, if you do not want to change the feedback option, is modify the feedback prompts provided when they answer incorrectly. Simply edit the prompts so they match the prompts you see in your other questions. So, if your other questions give a prompt that states "Try again", you can edit the prompts by modifying the content in the layer for the "Incorrect" feedback. 

Or, you could manually add a "Try Again" Layer - which would work pretty much the same way if you're allowing unlimited attempts, but may work better if you have a specific amount of attempts allowed for the question. 

Just a thought :) Hopefully this will help with keeping your course consistent. 

Thanks Laura!


Laura Payette

Thanks, Christine. I did end up having to modify my feedback layers. It was more work than I wanted to invest, but such is life. I now have another conundrum as a result.

I have a particular m/c question that has 4 answer options, each with different feedback. I want to provide 3 tries to get the question right. After 3 failures, though, the user gets stuck. The easy solution is just to make the question have 4 attempts -- and on the last try the user finally gets the right feedback by default. But that's kind of a lame experience. I'd rather have them directed to an incorrect feedback layer (which I'd have to make by hand) after three failed attempts. Is there any easy way to do that?

I've been browsing the forums and it looks like I'd have to create a lot of triggers and set some variables for tracking attempts on the submit button. I'm hoping I'm overlooking something really simple, though, because I definitely don't want to do that level of work at this point. (The project was done months ago and is being retrofitted based on feedback.) Hopefully, this makes sense!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Laura,

Well, a couple of options come to mind.. not sure if they'll work for you, but might be worth a shot ;)

First, do they absolutely need to have 3 failures? If not, you could always provide a hint, or some review material on the "Try Again" layer, itself. That would probably be the fastest, easiest method.

You mentioned my second suggestion, already, actually. It really wouldn't be too time consuming to add the variable and triggers to show a custom layer if they click "Submit" 3 times. If you'd like to see something like this, I'd be happy to put up a quick example - or you can share your file here - or, you can just tell me you'd like to avoid this all together :)

Definitely can be done, just depends on how you want it done and how specific you want to get with it.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Christine and Laura,

Hope y'all don't mind that I've butted in here. It's the W/E, and my plans had been to work in my perennial garden. But it's been raining and is fr-e-e-e-zing outside. So, I'm hanging out in the community instead, and this question intrigued me.

Laura, I came into this late, so hopefully I "get" what you're wanting here. I put tog. a MC quiz with feedback by choice, 4 choices, 3 chances to get the question right; an incorrect layer shows on the 4th selection.

The incorrect layer has complete information (and pictures) for the Learners.BTW, It was pretty easy to create. I copied the 4 option buttons and their associated text from the base layer to a new custom layer and inserted the pictures and information there.

The base layer is set to reset to initial state. And the continue button for the incorrect layers brings Learners to the base slide.

I set up a number variable called tries with a default of 0. At first, I had this count up if the state of any of the option buttons was selected, BUT if the Leaner simply hovers over any buttons the counter goes up and up! At least, it did for me. I tried adding a visited state and that did the same thing.

So instead, I set the variable up with a trigger to add 1 each time the base layer starts. That means of course that 1 is added as soon as the quiz begins.

Another trigger has the incorrect layer showing when the user clicks submit IF tries is greater than 3 AND the correct answer button is equal to selected. This trigger needs to be placed below the default "submit interaction" trigger.

I've inserted a reference to the tries variable at the top of the slide so you can see it working. But of course that would be removed before publishing.

There may well be an easier way to do this. But it's a start, anyway.

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