Question about variables


I know how to store variable from students' input box.

What I would like to do though is to store the entire text of a text box for later use. This text is not produced by the student but by me. It should be possible. In other words, I want to assign text to a variable. I have tried to add an object trigger to the box containing the original text but it seems not to work.

Is there some way of assigning text to a variable which doe not require a trigger?

I forgot to say that I would like the text to keep its formatting.

Thank you


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Bruce Holliday

You could have your text in an external text document and pull that in at runtime - Execute javascript when the timeline starts.

Or you could have a slide which is not navigated to but is present in the project, populate that with your text so that the variable is available to use wherever you want to.

Andrew Lian

Hi Bruce 

thank  you .

I would prefer the second option as I would not have to mess with JS or whatever. I did try that option but I don't know how to extract the text in a variable, I think I would need to use a trigger but how to put the text into a variable? As I said I know how to do that with student's input but not from a pre-populated text box... Your answer will make me think some more.

Thanks again