Question about Web publishing SL2 course with never resume option

Hello.  I have a question about publishing a standalone course to our company’s website.  Course progress does not need to be tracked.

My goal is to make sure that when different people view the course that the slide layer functions (e.g. state changes, animations, etc.) operate as if the course is being viewed for the first time.

1.  If I select “never resume” publish option:  will this ensure that everything in the course functions as if it has never been viewed/visited…regardless of the number of people that have viewed it?

I am trying to avoid having to use “reset to initial state when revisiting” setting on the slide layers.  So – I hope that the “never resume” publish option will work.

Thank you,


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Kimberly -- Thanks for reaching out here! My apologies if I am not clear on what you are hoping to achieve, but it sounds to me like based on what you have described and the information here, that choosing 'never resume' should work for your needs:

  • Never resume: This causes your course to always open at the beginning, even if learners completed part of the course previously. They won't see a prompt.

May I ask if you have uploaded your course on your website and have tested to see how it behaves if accessed multiple times or by multiple individuals?

Kimberly Matson

Thank you for the verification Christie! I've not yet had our company's
tech person upload it to our website. I first wanted to verify about the
never resume setting. Just thought of this...I will test it out on
Tempshare before asking tech person to upload to our website.
Thanks again for responding!!