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I have a question bank that is freezing on the final question. I have set it at pick 20 random from a bank of 40. The strange thing is that on my test machines it works without issue but when I send it to the client it stops at question 20 and will not allow them to continue. Without being able to replicate the fault i'm having trouble finding the cause. Anyone dealt with this before?

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Wendy Farmer

It's hard to say without replicating their environment as to why it's not working.  Perhaps there is an IE compatibility setting that needs to be ticked/unticked - I can't say sorry. I thought SL2 update 7 fixed some IE issues.  Are you on the latest update?

Here is a  previous post about IE issues you might want to check out

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sian,

Are they testing it locally or once you uploaded to the LMS? Testing it locally could be a part of the issue as it can cause odd browser/security restrictions as described here.

As Wendy mentioned, SCORM Cloud is a good testing platform for LMS deployment as it's a free industry standard. This article will walk you through how to set up testing there.