Question Bank and Results

Hello e-Learning heroes and community.  I have a question bank with a results slide that follows. Right now the bank draws ten questions randomly. If the learner gets two questions wrong in any order, I want them to go directly to the Fail layer of the Results slide instead of proceeding through the remaining questions.

Is that possible? I tried using a variable trigger but it did not work. Any advice is helpful.


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Crystal Horn

Hi Debbie!  I think with a little elbow grease you can get this done.   :)

I built out an example course with a four question bank, and my course chooses three questions randomly, followed by a results slide.  I created a numeric variable called "wrongs," which you can see referenced on the base layer of each question slide.  On each question slide in my bank, I modified the Incorrect layer:

  • When the user reaches the incorrect layer and clicks "continue" in the feedback text box, I add +1 to my "wrongs variable."  That trigger goes to the top of the "continue" button trigger list to make sure it fires.  
  • I adjusted the jump to next slide trigger on that same button to include the condition: if the "wrongs" value was less than 2.  If they haven't answered two questions incorrectly, they will continue to the next slides.
  • I added another trigger to jump to the results slide when the user clicks the continue button if "wrongs" is greater than or equal to 2.  Once they answer two questions incorrectly, that trigger will fire and bring them from the incorrect feedback layer directly to the results slide where they'll see a failure layer.
  • Lastly, if you'd like your learners to be able to retry your quiz from the results slide, be sure to add a trigger to the "retry" button to set the value of the "wrongs" variable back to 0.

Attached is my .story file for reference.  I hope this example gets you off on the right path!