question bank create half my questions

If I try to create a new question bank I would like to include 99 questions.

In my storyline 3 work I have got three scenes with slides of questions. These slides are like 99 questions. So when I try to create a new question bank I would like to insert all of them and when I click this I see they allthen they show me only 32 questions of them. How come? What is going wrong. Is it too much 99 at a time...


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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Patricia. So sorry you've come across this oddity. Happy to help!

First, a quick tip that here's no hard limit on the number of questions you can have in a question bank.

A couple of questions to help us narrow down the root:

  • I'm curious to know how many questions appear when duplicating your question bank. Click on the Question Bank icon > Manage Question Banks > Select your question bank and then click on the duplicate icon. It should contain all 99 of your questions; let me know what happens!
  • What happens if you check the Include All box instead of selecting each question before the import?
  • Mind sharing your .story file so I can take a close look? Feel free to either add it as a comment by using the Add Attachment button in your reply or send it privately via this link!
Patricia Hazemeijer

Rigth now I am  working again with the Question Bank. For now the solution seems to be quiet simple. Instead of copying the bunch of slides, I moved the slides from a scene into the new creating question bank, that works out quit well, all 147 questions got in there! It is a choice you can make, and it makes the difference for me.


Patricia Hazemeijer

Well, next problem today.

My draw from a question bank is working. But I have made a "try again" button on my result slide. So I hoped that it worked (and it is possible). By testing it looks like when you try the questions again there is a problem, when the same question is running by again it stops running and kicks you of the excercise. Why? Did I forgot something? Make it clear somehow?

The questions have feedback by choice and score by question and 1 attempts, answers shuffle.