Question bank draw and multiple results


I need to build a quiz that will consist of a draw from 3 different question banks. 
I'm planning to have only one final result slide, but I'm having troubles on how to show the result. 

To pass the user must have gotten minimum 70 % correct in total, but also minimum 50 % correct on each question bank/topic.. I was thinking of making a result slide for each question draw, and bypass the result slide so that the user won't see it. But I'm still having troubles as to how I can make the final result slide, and how to get pass or fail based on the criteria mentioned.

How can I solve this? And how can the correct information be passed to the LMS? 

I want the final result slide to look something like this:

Your score Topic 1:   XX %   
Your score Topic 2:  XX % 
Your score Topic 3: XX % 

Total score XX %

Passed / Failed

I really do hope anyone can help. Thank you so much.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mariann and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for sharing what you would like to create in your project.

You're correct, you are going to need result slides for each question bank.

Here's some information on adding Result Slides and how I would set this up:

  1. Add a result slide after each question bank draw.
  2. Set the passing score to 50%
  3. Add a final 'results of results' slide to check the 3 previous results slides.
  4. Set the passing score of 70% and that the user must pass each quiz.
  5. Edit the final result slide to display the Results from each topic using variable references.
Learning Development

Hi Leslie,

I have a similar situation as Marianne has described above except my requirement is that they get overall 100% to pass (with multiple tries of course).  Can you please be more specific about how to get the final result score to display on the final 'result of results'  slide? I also need to be sure that completion is set to having achieved that over all score. I have attached a story file that I have used as a starting point (It originally came from Steve Flowers). There are three question banks and all of the correct answers are set to true (btw). Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Learning Development,

Thanks for contacting us to share what you would like to create as well.

I've created a short Peek 360 video to explain how to add a final result slide. I've attached the project file as well if you'd like to take a look.

As far as your specific course, it looks like you've set quite a bit of customization, but using the built-in final result slide along with the built-in variables can work as well. See the addition of Slide 1.7 in your course.

Learning Development

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for your reply. I see how the 'result of results' works now! The screen cast was helpful.

The next issue is getting the review function to work. I only want it to show the ones they got wrong. I have ticked this option but it doesn't seem to work at all. Is this problematic when there are multiple question banks?

I also inserted a retry button but need to fine tune that because it is not resetting the questions.

Any further guidance would be much appreciated.