Question bank (exit half way throug) - not scoring properly in LMS

Hi, When we use a Question bank with random draw (lets say 20 questions here) and the user takes the first 10 questions then exits mid way through these questions the LMS correctly scores this data and also remembers where the user left off upon revisit...

...but then Storyline does not keep the score data, so that when the user resumes and takes the rest of the questions it only provides a final score on the remaining questions. Seems strange as Storyline keeps all the other resume data intact!

Is this an overlooked bug?

ps - resume data works fine if it NOT a question bank

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

I hadn't heard of this scenario before today, but I just read another thread about a similar problem. I did a bit more digging, and found an issue reported to our QA team where the score resets on resuming if the Question Bank is set as “When revisiting: Resume initial state”. Have you tested your course in your LMS and at SCORM Cloud? If you're able to test your course at SCORM Cloud, which is an industry standard testing method for SCORM content and experience the same behavior with the same set up, please let me know and I'll let our QA team know that there is another instance of this issue. 

Paul Knights

Hi Ashley,

Many thanks for prompt response. Yes we have tested the course on both SCORMcloud and Totara LMS's, same result i'm afraid. I do think its a bit odd as it remembers where it left in the random draw which is great but just not the score - strange.

I can let you have the source file (just quiz part to make your life a bit simpler) if you like?

I will also change the 'Reset to initial state' and see if this makes any difference but i have a feeling this might mess up the iPad functionality.

Paul Knights

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your advice on changing the slide 'Reset to automatically decide'.

The only other thing that needs to happen is; if the user takes the test again you have to 'Reset the results' before entering the questions again. If you don't do this the program just runs through all the questions in one go!

This has now solved this issue!!!

Many thanks for all the advice.