Question Bank feedback font color - tired all suggestions

Help, I'm very frustrated.  I am using four question banks (total of 100 questions).  All questions are fill in the blank.  The background in my feedback slide is white and is the color throughout my course so I hate to change it..

When Reviw Quiz is selected, the correct responses do not display on the white background because they are also white.  Is there any way to change the correct response font color to black?  I;ve viewed and tried suggestions from the following post buts can't seem to find a fix or it doesn't relate to using a question bank.

 I would hate to have to recreate all 100 questions in order to be able to change the font color.  Anuone have any suggestions?  Thanks so much.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Denise,

The steps outlined here will help you customize the quiz review, and you can set this up in a question bank as well. You won't be able to change the text color here (as it lives on the base layer) but you will be able to create new text, boxes, images, etc. that sit over the top of those items and could make it look just as if they're seeing it in a different color. You'll have to customize it for each slide if you'd still like to share the particular answers for that slide. 

Denise Groat


This is my first course in SL. I've reviewed your video and several other posts with the same issue, but can't figure out how to change the Review Quiz feedback text color.  It's white and so is my background.  I'm out of options and have a deadline. Can I send my quiz to someone for assistance?  Thanks once again.

Denise Groat


I am attaching a screen shot of a work around, but it's not an ideal solution.  I increased the color gradient of the master file so the text would display.  I am sending the file privately hoping you can offer a cleaner solution.  It's hard to believe with a product this robust that the feedback text color cannot be changed.  Any suggestion you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much for all of your help thus far.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Denise,

I just replied to your case, and wanted to share the information here as well.

Edit the Fill in the Blank Review Text

  1. Click Edit ... in the Question pane on the right.
  2. In the Set Feedback and Branching section near the bottom of the window, type the feedback or correct answer text in the Post-Quiz Review box (e.g., for this example, "the correct answer is in two weeks").

Edit the Feedback Master

  1. View > Feedback Master
  2. Click on the Review Feedback Layout on the left
  3. You can reposition the Placeholder on this slide if you need to. And you can change the fill color, outline color, and font color, size, etc.
  4. View >Normal

Disable "Show correct/incorrect feedback" on the Results slide. 

What this will allow you to do is customize the answer text and design to fit within your desired set up. The existing colors are dependent on the Design choice you have chosen (which shows white text) and any additional theme colors you've set up. 
For more information on how to modify the theme colors please review this tutorial: 

For more information on how to modify the slide design and background, please review this tutorial: 

If you'd like to submit a feature request to be able to access all elements of the quiz review slides you can do so here: 

Denise Groat


Thanks so much! You have been unwavering in your support and I am thankful that you stuck with me until I found a suitable resolution.  I chose your suggestion below which gives me exactly what I wanted.  They still find out which questions they missed and the correct response is provided during the quiz review.

My other suggestion involves customizing the feedback layer, which I've included another video showing how I set it up (this is quick, but you could change around the location of the checkmark and answer on the feedback master or individual review slides. You will need to include the answer on the Review layer for each question though, and disable the "Show correct/incorrect answer on quiz review" from your Results slide.

Victoria Sublette

Hi Ashley - with your suggestion to Disable "Show correct/incorrect feedback" on the Results slide, this means that the other questions (multiple choice, etc) won't appear with the green check marks next to them.

Can you disable Disable "Show correct/incorrect feedback" only for the fill-in-the-blank slides?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Victoria,

Ah, thanks for clarifying Victoria. Sorry you weren't able to find a way to change the font color and I know it was something we were discussing the other day among our team as well as that font color isn't documented anywhere but it seems to be based on the theme colors. Our team is taking a further look so once I have additional information I'll share it here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

HI Victoria, 

I heard back from our team and they confirmed that the way it should work is that it should use the “Text/Background - Dark 1” color for the text if it’s a light theme, and “Text/Background - Light 1” for the text if it’s a dark theme. So the color is dependent on your overall theme color. 

Hope that helps clarify.