Question Bank/Freeform Slide Error

Apr 27, 2018


Long time reader, first time supplicant.

I've a question slide that operates as a multiple drop-down but actually passes the answer as freeform text entry (hidden off-slide) using a variable trigger. This works fine alone (when the three correct answers are selected from the drop-downs, the text entry field changes to 'xxxx' which I've set as the correct answer for the freeform).

Here's the rub: when I use this slide as part of a Question Bank, the text entry field remains empty and thus no correct answer is passed to the results.

I'm absolutely stumped.

.story file is attached, the slide in question is 2.2.

If anyone has any ideas as to why this is happening I'd be tremendously grateful.

Thanks in advance!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Gareth and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for sharing your file and allowing me to take a peek at it. I noticed a couple of things:

  1. Your KCFILL is changing as soon as I put the correct answer in the first box. Looks like it's not dependent on all 3 being right.
  2. Since I do see the variable changing, I see that the issue may actually be that the submission is not happing prior to jumping to the next slide. I'd recommend moving that trigger up in your list :)

Let me know if that works better for you.

Gareth Clarke

Hi Leslie and thanks for your thorough reply.

I think I may have made that alteration on point 1 to expedite the troubleshooting in preview.

The variable does indeed change when I preview that individual slide; the problem occurs when it becomes part of a question bank and I am using a 'Draw From Bank' slide. In that case the text entry field remains blank.

I've tried another fudged freeform text entry (attached) using a simple drag and drop and this has still produced the same results - the text entry field remains blank when the slide starts and stays blank then the variable change trigger should be actioned. It works as intended when not included in the question bank.

Could it be that for some reason the variable is not being carried over to the question bank?

Crystal Horn

Hi Gareth!  You had your Text Entry triggers slightly different between the QB slide and the freeform slide.  In the freeform slide in Scene 2, the trigger was to set AIR to the typed value, but in the QB version of that slide, the trigger was to set TextEntry40 (the text entry variable) to the typed value.

When I changed that trigger to match and to set AIR to the typed value, it seemed to work.  I attached your modified project.  Let me know how it works on your end!

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