Question Bank is putting an extra slide at the bottom of my published course


I am working in Storyline 3.  I am using a Question Bank for a graded quiz at the end of my course.  When I publish the course, it is adding an extra slide at the end of my course with a title like "Draw from (question bank name)".  My quiz is working as expected, and the Next button does not advance to this extra slide in the published course. But I don't want the extra slide to be there because it can be confusing to the learner.  Has anyone experienced this?  Did I set something up wrong?

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Audrey Dorn

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Audrey Dorn

Just adding to this for clarity:  my course has the required Draw slide (mine is called Course Assessment), that when clicked gives you the option to "Click to view the slide draw/question bank".  But it also has an additional slide showing in the menu when I publish it, at the very end of my course that does not show in the story file.  I have attached a screenshot.  The Course Assessment is my quiz, and it falls a few slides before the end of my course, with Questions and Reminder slides after it.  The menu item I am asking about is the Draw from Oracle Approvals one at the bottom.  Is that supposed to be there?