Question Bank issues - need help!

Aug 20, 2013

Well, I have been scouring through various posts regarding Question Banks, and haven't really found the answer to any of my questions.  I have read/viewed all of the available tutorials as well.  I am using a practice test at this moment to learn the ins and outs of quizzing in Storyline for future use on our LMS. I created a question bank for this purpose, as I noticed that it can randomize questions (which is something we like to have our quizzes do).  For some reason, I am having a TON of problems if I use the draw from question bank pages.  I tested the regular quiz pages with no issue - so obviously I am completely missing something when it comes to these Question Banks!

Here are the issues I am having:

1)  The default for each question-draw slide page is only having the "Submit" button showing.  But, when I attempt to complete the quiz, the questions just keep cycling over and over again - there is no way that I could find to tell it to go to the Review/Submit page I created.  I worked around this issue by adding the "Previous" and "Next" buttons to the screen, and then had to add a trigger to the "Next" button of the final question in the bank to force it to advance to the review/submit slide - I believe this finally kept the cycling from happening but the scoring was incorrect. I do have all of the questions selected for drawing and drawing randomly.  Is there something I am missing with the question banks completing and going to the next page that is not a question-draw slide once you have cycled through the questions and are ready for your review/score? 

2)  The questions are not scoring correctly in many instances when I use the banks.  For example, I have three questions all worth 10 pts in the question bank.  I have the percentage for passing at 80% (default), and 100% should be 99 points.  When I answer these questions correctly, meaning I have a total of 100% correct and should have 99 points, the "Passing Score" section is showing that you would have to have 158.4 points (?) and that I have failed because I only have 99 points.  I am not sure where the passing score variable is getting this information - I have looked at the variable and it is showing a value of zero, and I double checked that all of my other items had the correct info in them.  What am I missing here?

3)  Question regarding the "drawing" slides - I had a small epiphany and thought that maybe I had this all wrong when it comes to the slide pages and maybe I only need one actual "Draw from Question Bank" slide for my test and that is why this score is completely off.  So - if I have ten questions do I need 10 seperate "Draw from Question Bank" slides?  Or am I supposed to only have one that will house all of the questions that will show from the bank?

4)  Last question (for now) - do I need to even worry with Question Banks, meaning can I have regular quiz pages randomize too?  Or in order for us to randomize our questions will we have to use Question Banks?



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Debra Bumgarner

never mind - it appears that it was because I had a slide for each question instead of only one slide for the question draw - sorry for the above post.  I thought I had already tested that theory before posting this, but I tried it just a few moments ago and figured out I was wrong!  Whoops!  Please feel free to delete this post

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