Question bank not showing

Hi all.

I have created a question bank 'test Ettina'.

When I create a new scene in which I would like to draw these questions from the question bank, I follow the following steps:

In Story View, go to the Home tab, click the Question Banks drop-down list, and then select New Draw from Question Bank.

My question bank 'test Ettina' does not show.

I have looked at the forum, but could not find any solutions.

Does some one knows what I do wrong?

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Peter Anderson

Hi Ettina, 

Thanks for sending it along! You should be getting a case number soon confirming we've received it. And after that, one of our great case managers will contact you personally. It's likely that they'll need the actual source file (.story), rather than the published story.html file, at which point they can give you directions on how to upload that to them. 

Or if you have it handy now, you can upload it using this form, and including the case number you received. 

Hope that makes sense Thanks again!

Barbara Hacker

I have the tutorials for  creating and editing question banks.  I entered and titled three tests as T/F with a results page.  

I saved them and now can't find them.

I followed the tutorial about drawing questions from question bank.  The tests don't show up on the Home tab under Question Banks.

They are not listed there.  Don't know where they exist as saved and how to locate them.  

Tried to import the tests from Import--Quizmaker and could not find any of the three tests.

I have the tutorials, and thought I followed how to create the tests.  Please advise why I can't locate them in the question bank and how do I save them so I can see them listed in the question bank?

Thank you.    Barbara Ann

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Barbara, 

I wanted to share with you a tutorial on how to import your Quizmaker questions into Storyline.  As to where you're Quizmaker quizzes could have gone, you may want to try another "save" and see what directory it automatically places your files in (for example mine is C:\Users\ASHLEYTERWILLIGER\Documents\My Articulate Projects) and then ensure that when you're importing quizzes you look for them there. Additionally, you may be able to use the "search" feature of your computer to find all the .quiz files or if you remember the file name search for them that way.