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Nov 01, 2013

I have a bank of 50 questions.  I want 20 to be drawn at random on each attempt.  Is it possible to set-up a variable in the upper corner on the slides for the question number, i.e. 1 of 20...2 of 20....

Currently I have created one variable (question) with a value of 0.  On each slide I have, '%question% of 20 with a trigger (ADD 1 to slide as Timeline Starts).  On the Results slide there is a trigger (Adjust variable Question =Assignment Value 0 when Timeline starts).

Everything works fine the first time through but once the variable is triggered on the results slide to reset to 0, and the user selects Retry Quiz, sometimes they are sent back to 1 of 20 and sometimes 2 of 20 as the first question slide.  It might go to 15 of 20 working fine then randomly jump to 17 of 20 when eventually the last slide would be 21 of 20.

Does anyone have any insight or additional ways to make question numbering happen during randomization?

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Hi Ashley,

Thanks for reaching out to help.  In my course I already have my triggers setup in the correct order.  I used the thread linked above and I still am recieving an inconsistent variable build on "Retry Quiz".  At random it will jump a number.

For example,  it may go 1 of 5 - 2 of 5 - 4 of 5 - 5 of 5 - 6 of 5.  The next time 1 of 5 - 2 of 5 - 3 of 5 - 5 of 5 - 6 of 5...

Incosistent with every quiz retry.  In the example from the thread above it worked fine with 5 questions out of 7 asked at random from a bank.  However, it seems to be an issue with 10.  Again I am asking 10 questions randomly out of 10.

Attached is an example story file:

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi B K,

Thanks for sharing your file here. There were a few differences between your file that I noticed (such as each slide being set to resume saved state instead of Automatically decide, or the Results slide trigger for the Retry button jumping to the first slide instead of the question bank slide) but even after updating those, still no luck. I even tried pulling only 9 questions instead of 10 (thinking along the lines of Antony pulling 5 out of 7) and still no dice. I'm going to keep trying, but I wanted to update you as to where it stood now. 


Hi Ashley,

Are you aware if there will be any update soon to this issue.  When we first discussed, I submitted a case and both you and Articulate Support were able to reproduce the issue.  I was told that it is a bug that Articulate would be correcting.  I still have not heard back.

For now, have you heard of any possible workarounds for scenarios like this?


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