Question Bank numbering how?

I have created a question bank with a pool of 20 question. I need to pull only 10 question from the pool and I have been able to set that up. However, it shows the actual question number that I put in when I was building the question bank. so the last question which is technically question 10 shows let's say question number 18. How can I make the 10 question randomly pull from the question bank and still be able to show the question numbers.

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tin C

I followed the link and was able to resolve the issue. Thank you

I have another issue that I am trying to resolve, I have interaction 5 interaction tabs that I want users to click before they can continue so I have the Next button disabled and once they click all the tabs it becomes normal and that is working fine. but I also want to put a message that say : Please complete this page before continuing" if a users tried to click on the disabled Next button. Or is a disabled Next button enough to let users know that they cannot move forward without completing the slide. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Tin -- So glad the first link provided did the trick for you! :)

And as for your follow up questions, you may want to check out this article on How to Temporarily Disable or Hide Navigation Buttons if you haven't already. And then, here is a post where some great ideas are offered for what it sounds like you are hoping to achieve!