Question bank per quiz when the learner fails

Jun 27, 2016

I have three question banks with twenty questions each. My desire is if the learner fails the first quiz bank when he clicks the retry quiz button a different question bank (20 questions) is presented to the learner. Thus not enabling the learner retake the first set of questions. I have used the test pool before and it is quite different from my current requirement?

Any suggestions please?

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charles bamidele

Hello Christine! i have shared a test course. I have included three test question banks titled ''Social Engineering 1 -3''. My preference is such that once the learner takes the first quiz Social Engineering 1 and fails when he clicks on retry quiz Social Engineering 2 is presented and if he fails the 2nd time Social Engineering 2 is presented in that order..I'm so confused on how to achieve this?

Vince Grabowski

Hi Charles!

You could do the following: On the Results slide, Failure layer for the first quiz, create a new Retry Quiz button and set that trigger to open the second Quiz bank. Point that second quiz to a different Results slide and set the Failure layer of the Quiz 2 Results slide to open the third Quiz bank. Hope that this helps.

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