Question Bank Problem when including multiple response


I created a question bank with 15 questions out of which I want to draw 10 randomly. It works ok as long as the question drawn is not a graded multiple response question (choose the right 3 answers out of 5 choices). As soon as this question is selected no other questions are shown and the course jumps to the results slide. I am removing this question for now but is it a known problem?


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Antony Snow

Hi Una,

Is this the only MRQ you are using in your QB? If it isn't, do other MRQ's behave the same? If it is, what does the trigger on the submit button look like for this question? - it sounds like it is set to jump to 'results slide' rather than 'next' slide??

Apologies for the questions, but I haven't seen this before with MRQ's