Question Bank scoring incorrectly in Storyline 360

I have a course that I created in Storyline 2 and updated to 360. Up until a couple weeks ago my tests were scoring correctly. There is 10 modules or scenes and a quiz in each scene. When I publish the full course and take quizzes they do not score correctly. If I get 100% it says I got 66%. If I preview the course it works fine but doesn't work when published. It is a very large course (500MB published), but it worked fine until lately. Can anyone help me.

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Michael Sinckler

The issue happens in the Web version of the course. It is not on our LMS. The course happens when I first launch the course and take the test. I actually just took the quiz in one modules again and it scored wrong. This time it also scored wrong in preview also. I got 5 out of 6 right and it scored 82 point which was 52% of 128 possible point. The percentage and points are off. It is different every time. This happen when I first launch the course and sometimes it scores right and most times it is off. It is the results slide that shows the score wrong when scored. I have replaced all the results slide but that didn't help. I can't understand what is the issue.