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Aug 16, 2012

Hi all,

If have several question banks. Each question bank represents several questions for a category. eg. Question bank : all questions about the category Multilple Select. 

Question 1:

I want to display the results of each question bank in an overall Result Slide. Is this possible? 

Question 2:

Is it possible to draw questions from differten question banks?

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Hiten Hirani

I'd be very interested to know if Question 1 is possible through SL 'out of the box' features.

I can imagine it working if you had a variable assigned to each question bank, and that the total of that variable would increase by 1 everytime a question in that bank was answered correctly with the use of a trigger. The overall Results slide would then simply display all the variables from each question bank (in respective numeric entry fields), as well as the combined overall mark.

But like i said i wonder if SL allows this to be done automatically without having to go through a more complicated bespoke apprach that i have described above.


Antony Snow

Hi all,

I am not sure if any of you have managed to resolve this yourselves but in case you haven't....

I have recently had a need to draw from multiple question banks (I have a question bank per learning objective and only need to ask the learner 1 question from each) and have managed to make it work by doing the following:

  1. Create each question bank and populate each with the relevant questions
  2. Insert a 'draw from question bank' slide for each bank you wish to be included in the quiz
  3. Add a trigger to jump to 'draw from...' when user clicks continue to each feedback layer (Peter using your post of August 17 as an example, each feedback layer for the questions in bank 1 should be set to jump to question bank 3 and each question in bank 3 will jump to bank 2 etc.)
  4. Insert a result slide and ask it to calculate the results for 'selected questions' and tick to select each 'question draw' 

I hope this makes sense and helps

Steve Lee

I'm looking at something similar I think. I am trying to make a test with 100 questions.

10 questions are pulled from 10 Question banks, which have up to 20 questions per bank.

I am looking at a results slide which has something like:

Bank 1: 3/10

Bank 2: 4/10

Bank 3: 5/10

and so on.

Would I need to make 10 results slides, and somehow link the information, or is it possible to make one with each bank score shown?



Antony Snow

Hi Steve,

From my understanding, you can't use a default result slide to display the individual results from multiple question banks, but I do have a work-around that uses variables and a custom result slide that you will need to build yourself.

  1. Create a number variable for each question bank (QuestionBank1, QuestionBank2 etc.) and set the starting value to 0
  2. On the correct layer of each question, add a trigger to add 1 to the applicable variable when the timeline starts
  3. Create your custom result slide, add a text box and then insert a reference to the variable (you will need to do this for each variable)
  4. Create another text box and add the text "/10" (or out of however many questions will be included in each question draw)
  5. With some manual adjustment to the positioning, you should be able to align the text boxes so it will appear as one line of text - it won't look pretty when you are building the slide, but the published result will

I have attached a demo that hopefully makes this clear enough for you to follow.



Steve Lee

Thanks guys, I tried them both and they worked well. They both taught me something new and interesting. I think the way I was considering it was similar to Phil's though Antony's is a really neat way of doing it too. Much appreciated.

Can this info be sent to an LMS or email address?

I was looking at sending variables to an LMS on another post, would this be the way to send each of the question bank results on the final results slide, or is it even possible? 

thanks again, learning so much because of the help

Steve Lee

Thanks guys. I'm at my knowledge limit here, but really keen to develop.

So, Phil, how do I get the data into the LMS? I'm really having trouble understanding. I've created 2 story files to help me explain.

The first, test q bank variables, has a results slide with the scores for each question bank on.

When I test this in ScormCloud, I get completion, complete, success unknown, score unknown, and when I look at registration statement history it shows 100% success.

In the second story file, test q banks variables and extra results,  I created a results slide which pulled the data from both banks.

This is the only change int he two files.

When I test this in ScormCloud, I get completion, complete, success passed, score 100%.

I just don't get how the data from the first version can go into the LMS. Any help really appreciated. I really need to see the different scores for different question banks.

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