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I'm stuck on my test project of creating a quiz based around a shooting range theme and would be most grateful if anyone can share a fix for my problem. The idea is that the user chooses to shoot at targets with different values. The higher the value, the more difficult the question. I have created question banks for each target. The user gets 3 shots and can choose to shoot the same target (same points value) each time if they choose. I placed 3 questions into each question bank but the quiz is returning the same question whenever you click on the same target more than once. I want to instruct the quiz to not select any question from each question bank more than once. Is there a setting or instruction I'm missing?

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Simon Perkins

Hi Andrew

One way to achieve this is to create a variable for each question, setting each one to False. Then, on each question's Correct and Incorrect layers, set the relevant variable to True (ie visited),. On each question's base layer run a trigger to go to the next slide (ie next question) if that's question's variable is True.
Have done this for the 50pt questions in your file and uploaded it.
Andrew Smith

Simon, thank you so much.

I applied those settings to the remaining question banks and it worked well on the first pass.

However, when selecting the same target for each shot, it started to jump to the "congratulations" page after 2 shots. I'm pretty confident the problem was the "add 1 to shots" trigger being on the question base layer so moved it to the feedback layers and that has solved the problem.

Just one note, and I've come across this before in other Storyline files, my fix above only needed to be applied to the slides I amended. The "50pt" slides you worked on remain unchanged, i.e. the shot triggers remain on the question base slide.



Simon Perkins

Cool, glad it worked Andrew.

The thing about SL is so many things, eg layers, can happen on just a single slide. So it can sometimes take practice to figure out where to make tiny tweaks to triggers so things run/fire in the correct sequence. A bit of trial and error usually does the trick - and sometimes something that isn't entirely logically (well, not to me anyway).