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Jun 22, 2015


Does anyone know if its possible to create a slide bank that draws only incorrectly answered questions from a previous bank?

Even better would be if I could build something that recognises different levels of answers, so if someone selects 1-4 on how well they know something and then I have a variable of some kind to repeat questions of a lower knowledge base (ie 1 &2)

Thanks in advance.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Suzanne,

There is not a built in way do draw the incorrectly answered questions from the question bank, but there may be a community created method. If they were not in a question bank, but you only wanted the users to answer the incorrect ones on a retry you may want to review the methods here.  (it's a long thread - and not a quick method to set up, but lots of users have shared they have done so with success). 

Hope that helps, and best of luck with your project! 

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