Question Banks and number of slides viewed

I am trying to create a course that has a question bank within it but marks as completed when the learner has viewed all screens.  There is what appears to be a, dare I say, bug in storyline that counts these questions in the view count as the learner progresses thru a course.  My question bank seems to be considered as one slide, but in reality it has a number of slides in it; each being a question. So learners seem to be able to complete the course without viewing all the slides.

Any thoughts on this? 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Gordon,

Funny you brought this up :) Just saw a similar post this morning. I'm assuming you do not need to track or report the scores, just the completion of the course, correct?

How about having the course marked complete on a specific slide at the end of your course? 

I think this method might work for your project:

How to submit course completion to an LMS on a specific slide

I hope this helps!