Question Banks and Randomizing slides inside of them

Sep 06, 2017

Hi there,

What I'm trying to do in Storyline 3 seems like it should be pretty straight forward but I am having a difficult time accomplishing it.

In 1 scene I have slide one which has a button, begin Quiz which on click loads my question bank that contains 9 slides. Each slide is a free form multiple choice (Click the correct image). 

My goal is to randomize the 9 but only make the learner do 5. On completion of the 5th question have the Question Bank jump to a Results Slide. Is this possible?

My issue I guess is what are the triggers inside the QBanks Slides that tell a slide to load another QBank slide and how do I also Trigger it to load the Results screen after the 5th Question is complete.

Thanks for any input. I can try to elaborate if that is unclear.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi David

In the question bank where you have the 9 slides you can select to only draw 5, then after the question bank in the same scene add the results slide so when the user finishes Q5 it should advance to the Result slide.


If that doesn't work, can you share the .story file - it will be easier to help you if we can see the setup.

David Breen

I think I understand what you're saying, I guess I'm just confused by what Triggers have to be on each Slide inside the QBank that tells them to draw another Slide before ultimately knowing to jump to the results slide after the 5th one.

My slides aren't traditional Multiple Choices or anything. They're custom activities and I'm not using the built in Submit functionality. Not sure if that matters.

I'm not permitted to share my files by work but I can try to explain a little clearer.

I've made 9 activities each on their own slide and then placed all 9 in a Q-Bank. So Slide 1 click a button that says Draw from Q-Bank on Slide 2. I have all my settings saying to randomly draw only 5 of 9. I then have a results Slide after my Q-Bank.

My question I guess is what triggers do I need to have on my QBank Slides when they finish the activity to tell them to load the next slide in the Q-Bank and when to load to the Results slide.

Hope that's clearer.


Crystal Horn

Hi David, and thanks for the clarification!  The nice thing about Storyline question banks is that they'll do the work for you.

When you add a "draw" from the question bank, it will look like one slide in your Story view.  As Wendy pointed out, you can choose how many questions it will draw.  Storyline will know to show those 5 questions (randomly chosen if you'd like), and to then progress to the next slide.



If you look at your Draw slide in Story view, you'll see that there is a trigger to jump to the next slide (you could change it to point specifically to the Results slide).  That will happen after they finish the 5 questions drawn from the bank.

Let me know if that makes sense!

David Breen


I believe this did clarify things. I think my problem was I was telling the slide to Jump to the bank itself rather than triggering it to simply Jump to Next Slide. Therefore starting the process over again.

Once it reaches 5 it jumps to the Results slide on it's own like I wanted.


Thanks for your help.

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