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Mar 03, 2016


I have an assessment with a pass mark of 100% and the requirement is to redirect them to the start of the assessment whenever they get a question wrong (after they have cleared the Incorrect layer). This has been working fine but now they want to randomise the questions using Question Banks. When I bring these questions into a Question Bank and publish it is recording 100% on just a single question being answered correctly. This has been tested in my LMS and SCORM Cloud with the same result.

To cause this behaviour the trigger is when the user clicks on the Continue button on the Incorrect layer. The triggers setup is to Result results and then to Jump to the Question Bank Draw slide (I have also tried it with jumping to the slide before the Question Bank Draw slide).

Anyone have any ideas on how to have this functionality but for it to score correctly?

Thanks in advance

Andrew Sidebottom

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for sharing your file, and I'm downloading it now to take a look. 

I did want to ask, in regards to the resetting - it's regardless of how far they've gotten in the assessment it's reset if they answer one wrong? So when are you seeing the score passed? When they've completed the quiz or midway through? If they're finishing the entire quiz, and to get all the way through they have to answer correctly - perhaps that is working as expected then? 

I'm taking a look to test it - but figured I'd pose the questions here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew, 

I uploaded your course to SCORM cloud, using the SCORM 1.2 as my publish setting and tracking based on that results slide. I went through and answered as follows:

  1. First incorrect, and then close the course - score at SCORM Cloud showed as 0% 
  2. First correct, second incorrect and then close the course - score still at 0% 
  3. First correct, second incorrect and then finally get to the review slide and see my score at 100% as expected. I closed the course window and SCORM Cloud also reported it at 100%. 

It all seems to be working as expected for me, unless I'm not understanding your design and what you'd expect it to do? Could you give my version a test and if need be share a bit more information with us here?

Andrew Sidebottom

Thank you for this Ashley. The scenario that I was testing was:

  • Get the first question correct and then close the course - score at SCORM Cloud showed as 100%.

In looking at the logs available through SCORM Cloud the score is being set to 100% on the first completion.

I don't see the option to download your version to test?

[13:13:18.975] LMSSetValue('', 'Scene1_QuestionDraw11_Slide2_MultiChoice_0_0') returned 'true' in 0.001 seconds
+ [13:13:18.976] LMSSetValue('cmi.interactions.0.type', 'choice') returned 'true' in 0.001 seconds
+ [13:13:18.977] LMSSetValue('cmi.interactions.0.student_response', '1') returned 'true' in 0 seconds
+ [13:13:18.977] LMSSetValue('cmi.interactions.0.correct_responses.0.pattern', '1') returned 'true' in 0.001 seconds
+ [13:13:18.978] LMSSetValue('cmi.interactions.0.result', 'correct') returned 'true' in 0 seconds
+ [13:13:18.979] LMSSetValue('cmi.interactions.0.weighting', '1') returned 'true' in 0 seconds
+ [13:13:18.979] LMSSetValue('', 'Testing') returned 'true' in 0 seconds
+ [13:13:18.980] LMSSetValue('cmi.interactions.0.time', '13:13:18') returned 'true' in 0 seconds
+ [13:13:18.985] LMSSetValue('cmi.core.score.raw', '100') returned 'true' in 0.002 seconds
+ [13:13:18.987] LMSSetValue('cmi.core.score.max', '100') returned 'true' in 0.001 seconds
+ [13:13:18.989] LMSSetValue('cmi.core.score.min', '0') returned 'true' in 0 seconds

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew,

The link to launch my version of the course was included above as a hyperlink and it looks like I linked it wrong, so I've updated and I've included it here as well: 

I'll test yours out as well, but I was looking at the individual score that was shown on the SCORM page when I exited shown here:

 Please let me know if you're able to test mine as well and I take a look at how the version you shared behaved. 

David Kelling

What was the resolution to this? To my horror I just discovered the same thing.  I created a Storyline 2 course a year ago with a question bank drawing 10 of 20 questions. I answer the first question correctly from the question bank.  A score of 100% is sent to the LMS!  I get all other questions wrong; I still  have 100% score!  Start over, delete tracking data. I answer the first question wrong.  A score of 0 is sent to the LMS.  I get the 2nd question correct.  A score of 50% is sent to the LMS!  I get all other questions wrong. I still have 50% score!  I created a new, abridged Storyline file with a 3-question bank and of course it works correctly: 33% score is sent after answering the first question correctly. I cannot give you this course to evaluate. I do not know what the difference is. Please let me know how this got resolved.

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