Question banks count as one slide or many????

We issued a compliance training with four quizzes embedded as question banks. Each quiz is in a separate question bank, five questions each. Progress to the next section is linear and only open after a person passes each quiz, but after the last quiz, there is a section on how we handle PHI at Orchard which is NOT quizzed. So I thought I was being clever to use slide views as my reporting standard, since you can't reach the last slide set until you've passed the quiz. Tested and assigned the training, and now I'm told completion emails are coming just about when someone starts the final quiz. Doing the math, it seems that each quiz question is being counted as a slide, even though the total slide count in the reporting choices window says there are a total of 59. So I left off the final slide (the aggregate results slide) as unrequired and said report completion after 58/59 slides are viewed. Now it's reporting a completion well before you get to the end, so it seems to think that each question is A slide, even though this number is not reflected in the possible slide count. 

Any suggestions? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joseph, 

Are you tracking by slides viewed? If so, we do have an issue with our team where a Question Bank Slide Draw only registers as one slide when setting Tracking by Slides viewed, but when taking the course each question will count as an individual slide. So in that setup, you'll see the completion status reached much sooner than you'd expect.

If you're also using a results slide, you may want to change your tracking to that results slide and then you'll also be able to pull information on how users answered. 

Joseph Cunningham

Hi, again, Ashley.

The quizzing starts before the last scene starts, so we want people to complete the last scene. What we came up with is using a completion trigger on the final thank you slide. We're expanding so quickly that new lessons are being learned the hard way too regularly, but this completion option wasn't obvious to us at first.