Question Banks: Duplicated Questions with Random Draw

Jun 19, 2020


My SL3 Assessment has 12 question banks that pull randomly to deliver a total of 20 questions to learners. The banks are delivering the same question from a single bank more than once. 

Too, when re-attempting the assessment, learners often get the same questions from the first attempt. 


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Sam Hill

Hi Amanda, If you look at slide 1.3, you are using question bank "4 eStatements" and drawing all questions from the bank. Then on slide 1.6 you are using question bank "4 eStatements" again and drawing two questions. Therefore, you will see 2 of the questions you have already seen on slide 1.3.

You are doing the same with "12 Search transactions" on slides 1.5 and 1.10. Again you will see two questions you have already seen.

I wouldn't repeat question banks in this way. I would just use them once and select how many of the questions you would like to display. Removing that duplication should fix the problem.

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