Question banks keep only showing the same question.

I'm trying to create a template for a game, a wheel spins, randomly selecting one of 4 categories. However, when the spinner chooses the same category it always shows the same question you've already done. Each bank only has 2 questions at the moment for testing. and it's set to go to the result slide after you've answered 4 questions. It is an HTML5 only output, made in SL360.

From my search results, I see this has been an issue for years, but I haven't seen any post about a proper resolution. Is there a fix yet?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Joshua.  Thanks for the details.  Are you revisiting the same question draw slide per category?  In other words, if you spin the same category, will you revisit the same draw slide in the deck?

The reset results trigger (found on the results slide) is what will force your draw slides to randomize again, and it sounds like your learners are potentially hitting the same draw slide before reaching the results slide.  

Here are a couple of design changes you can make:

  • Include more than one draw slide for each category, and use variables to track which will be shown when the same category is chosen.
  • Use a variable to control which categories are chosen so that they can only be chosen once.

Let me know if those options are workable for you! IT

Hi Crystal,
There are four question banks, Categories 1 through 4, the spinner selects a category randomly (the question banks). After that it pops you over to the Question Bank to get a random question, but it just keeps going back to the same question.

I'm currently trying to fix this without having to make 50 variables for tracking if a question has been visited. Ideally it's for a template, so I don't want the other devs to have to track or edit a ton of variables when they use it. IT

I did, the problem there is will then re-ask questions you've previously done, but with the score reset, and the final score only counts the last questions.

I may have to go the long route and skip using question banks, and track each with a variable. My first test for that version seems to be working, but it means changing up the functionality a bit.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Joshua,

I've seen a similar game set-up using question banks, and the key is to add a "reset results when the timeline starts" trigger to the slide with the spinner. 

Depending on the way your game is configured, this may work for you, too. If you don't mind sharing your file with me, I'd be happy to help you test that trigger. IT

Hi Alyssa,
I did the reset, the problem then is it would repeat questions with the reset.

What I've done since is (with the help of one of our coders), created a javascript function, the rolls a random category then question number. It starts with an array for the possible questions and every time you answer a question it removes that question ID from the array, so it won't roll that number again. The main difference being this is using scenes for the categories instead of quiz banks.

I'm still testing it but so far, so good.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alessio,

Storyline will reset the score if you're using a "Reset" button or trigger. Your LMS may track multiple attempts, so it's worth checking with your LMS admin.

As far as showing questions again, since they're random you may see some of the same questions again. I saw you also had another discussion here where you were looking to customize it using variables or Javascript to not ever show the same question again?  I'll be curious to read what ideas and strategies the community come up with!