Question Banks, Triggers, and Random, oh my!

Hello!  We are attempting to build a quiz that is complex.  We have seven chapters of content and the learners can choose to go through the content as determined by their manager and job function.  We want to set up a final where the learner can select which chapters they've gone through and receive questions only for those chapters (preferably in a random order).  I'm not sure how to set up the question banks and triggers.  Any thoughts?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Jennifer,

In order to review the questions randomly, you would need to use question banks. You may be able to set up a different bank for each chapter, and then set  a trigger to jump to the specific bank based on what selection they make as far as which chapters they viewed. Attached is a very basic set up of jumping to different banks. I only used 2, but hopefully this will help.

I am sure others will jump in with ideas as well.