Question Count Variable Reset

Hello all,

I was working on designing a quiz on SL2 .

The questions are drawn randomly from the question bank.

I wanted to show in the result slide that how many questions the learner has got correctly at last. If he or she fails the passing score, he will retake the quiz till he or she passes.

I was able to set the count variable to record the number of correct questions (I set Add 1 trigger to the Continue button on the Correct layer.) However, I cannot reset the Question Count Variable to zero on the result slide. I tried to set the trigger to make Question Count Variable = zero when the learner click on the Retry button in the result slide (the button is on the base layer though). But when I go through the quiz again, the Question Count does not start from but whatever was left from the first round answers.

Do I miss anything here?


Thank you!


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Emily Ruby

Hello Zoe,

I did not see a trigger for the QuestionNumber variable added to the button on the results slide. I added this, and also moved the QuestionNumber and CorrectCount above the Jump to slide trigger.

It seems to be working now. Let me know if the attached file is what you are looking for.